20 best dating apps in Germany

best dating apps in Germany

Ready to swim into the dating pool but unsure where to begin? Well, there’s a whole universe of dating apps in Germany just ready to connect you. While some are just about finding a date, others connect you with peeps who really understand you. These platforms are all about forging those unexpected connections, whether it’s swiping right on someone who enjoys sushi or finding a fellow dog lover to go to the park with. And who knows. You might possibly come across someone who is not just suitable for a Saturday night, but also for the long term. 

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To start with, let’s first uncover if dating apps are really used in Germany.

Are dating apps used in Germany? 

Are dating apps and sites used in Germany?

Dating apps are very popular in Germany, providing a new method to meet and find love. One prominent feature is the wide choice of applications catering to various inclinations, from casual encounters to serious relationships. According to recent statistics, apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and Lovoo are especially popular among the young and tech-savvy demographic. In fact, a survey found that almost 30% of Germans have used a dating app at some time. This shows the dating app’s importance in many people’s social lives. Further, this trend demonstrates Germany’s rising embrace and incorporation of digital tools for making human connections.

What is the best dating app in Germany?

When it comes to sailing the German dating scene, there’s an app for everyone, whether you’re searching for a casual or serious relationship. Let’s take a look at the top 5 best free and paid dating apps in Germany. 

Top 5 Free dating apps in Germany

For those who prefer not to spend much and dip their toes in without commitment, the below dating apps are the go-to choices:

#5 Happn

Happn has a great feature that matches you with individuals you’ve really met. Ideal for city dwellers who want to connect with that cute person they’ve probably seen at the coffee shop.


  • Adds a twist of fate by connecting you with people you’ve spotted around.
  • Best for urban regions, when you’re more likely to run into other users.


  • Some people may be alarmed by the idea of tracking where you’ve gone.
  • Not so wonderful in quieter areas with fewer people present.

#4 OkCupid

OkCupid is where you can get real. It’s all about digging deep with extensive profiles and embracing everyone, regardless of who you like. It’s ideal if you want more than simply looks.


  • Ideal for getting to know someone on a deeper level.
  • Super inclusive, accepting all genders and orientations.


  • Creating your profile can be a time-consuming process.
  • The app has a history of significant data breaches.

#3 Bumble

On Bumble, the girls take the lead, which is great for mixing things up. With 58 million active members in 2023, there’s a diverse range of people looking for dates, friends, and even business opportunities.


  • It’s all about courteous interactions, with women making the initial approach.
  • There are plenty of individuals to meet, whether you are looking for love, companionship, or networking.


  • Matches vanish in 24 hours if you don’t initiate a conversation, so act quickly.

#2 Lovoo

Lovoo, popular in Germany, offers live video chats, making it more than just a text-based messaging app. It’s especially useful if you want to connect with people nearby.


  • It hits the point locally, making it ideal for meeting individuals in your region.
  • Live videos make it much more participatory and entertaining.


  • Despite the platform’s strong security measures, there are still allegations of bogus profiles.

#1 Tinder

tinder is one of the best dating apps in Germany

Tinder is the big party that everyone is talking about. Last year, 75 million individuals swiped globally each month, making it a no-brainer if you want to meet a lot of people, especially if you’re under 35. It’s all about keeping things simple and discovering who is out there.


  • You’re most likely to be spoiled for choice with so many prospective matches.
  • It’s quite simple to use: swipe right if you’re interested and left otherwise.


  • It’s kind of lopsided, with many more men than women.
  • More of a go-to for relaxed vibes than finding “the one.”

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Top 5 Paid dating apps in Germany

best dating app

 If you’re ready to invest in your love life, then the below paid dating apps are a must-try:

#5 Bildkontakte

Bildkontakte adds a face to the name, requiring each profile to include a photo. It’s quite simple and ensures you have some images to accompany the talk. Ideal for people who believe that a picture is worth a thousand words.


  • Photos are essential to ensure that you know who you’re speaking with right away.
  • It is easy to get started because of the friendly, less formal atmosphere.


  • If you’re more concerned with making a deep emotional connection, the emphasis on images may be too much.
  • It may not have as many features as some of the other major hitters.

#4 LoveScout24

LoveScout24 is like a pleasant neighborhood cafe where everyone is welcome. It has a laid-back attitude yet is nevertheless serious about helping you find a mate. With a large number of users and a variety of activities, it’s ideal for individuals who enjoy combining online and offline dating.


  • A large number of members means a lot of prospective matches.
  • Organises events, allowing you to meet individuals in person.


  • With such a large pool, finding “the one” can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
  • Events may not be for everyone, particularly introverts.

#3 eDarling

eDarling is the considerate one, taking the time to truly understand you and what you’re looking for in a mate. It has a large reach throughout Europe and, like Parship, uses personality tests to assist in locating compatible mates.


  • Welcomes a broad crowd seeking serious connections.
  • Personality testing indicates that matches are based on deep compatibility.


  • Filling out the profile may take some time, but as the saying goes, those who wait get what they deserve.
  • Depending on your location in Germany, this app may not be as popular as others.

#2 ElitePartner

paid dating app

Consider ElitePartner to be the dating sites’ equivalent of a fancy dinner party. It’s where well-educated and successful singles hang out, looking for companions on their level. If you have high expectations and refuse to settle, this could be your scene.


  • Draws a gathering of professionals and academics.
  • Focuses on making lasting connections with people who live together.


  • If you’re not into the “elite” feeling, it may feel a little exclusive.
  • If you prefer a more laid-back approach to dating, this can be scary.

#1 Parship

Parship is like the smart matchmaker of the group. It’s all about finding serious partnerships. And certain sophisticated personality tests can help you locate someone who genuinely connects with you. They believe in the science of love, and they want to ensure that you and your future spouse have what it takes to last.


  • Personality test-based matching indicates you’re more likely to get along.
  • Designed for those seeking something long-term.


  • You must be committed to filling out the profile and looking for true love.
  • This is not the place for casual dating folks.

What are the best dating sites in Germany?

When looking for the best dating sites in Germany, you’ll be spoilt for choice, with platforms catering to almost every desire and requirement. Leading the pack are services like Finya and Lablu, which are popular among those looking for both serious and casual relationships. With that said, let’s delve into the best free and paid dating sites in Germany.

Top 5 Free dating sites in Germany

Below are the top 5 free dating sites in Germany. Keep an eye out for the 4th site.

#5 Fischkopf

Fischkopf provides personalized experiences for singles in northern Germany. Its localized approach promotes a sense of community and familiarity, making it a popular destination for people looking for a mate with similar geographical ties.


  • The regional focus fosters community relationships. This makes it simpler to locate someone with whom you can agree.
  • The localized approach provides a pleasant sense of familiarity while shortening the distance between hearts.


  • Geographic concentration may limit the pool of prospective mates, making it difficult for people living outside of the designated areas.

#4 Lablue

one of the best dating sites in Germany

Lablue provides a peaceful sanctuary in the sometimes chaotic scene of online dating, emphasizing quality over quantity and fostering meaningful interactions. Its dedication to preserving a courteous and serious environment makes it a beacon for people weary of the casual swipe culture.


  • Fosters a culture in which real connections are the norm rather than the exception.
  • The emphasis on quality interactions eliminates noise, allowing genuine relationships to grow.


  • The platform’s specialized appeal may not appeal to everyone, especially those who are used to the fast-paced world of more conventional dating apps.

#3 Single.de

Single.de entices with its promise of simplicity and directness, appealing to individuals who choose a straight path over the frequently complicated journey of love. Its simple interface and user-friendly experience make it an inviting destination for singles looking to mingle without the hassle.


  • Its user-friendly design facilitates a smooth journey, free of extraneous complexity.
  • An inclusive environment attracts a diverse crowd, ensuring that there is someone for everyone.


  • The easy technique may lack the depth that some seekers seek
  • The platform’s simplicity may not appeal to people who prefer a more feature-rich and complex dating experience.

#2 Dating Cafe

Dating Cafe, designed more like a quaint European cafe, targets elderly people looking for a mate with whom to share their life experiences. It combines online engagement with in-person events, providing a variety of opportunities to meet people.


  • It caters to the sophisticated individual, attracting a community with refined taste in relationships.
  • The combination of online profiles and physical meets provides a comprehensive method to finding a mate.


  • The platform’s refined palate may not suit the tastes of younger, more casual daters.
  • The variety of features and activities may necessitate a more significant expenditure of time and energy, which is unlikely to suit everyone’s pace.

#1 Finya

Finya is a free online dating platform with a booming community seeking romance and connection. Its open-access mentality attracts a diverse range of people, providing a fusion of options for those eager to explore its vast variety.


  • The free nature of Finya democratizes the search for love by removing financial barriers to entry.
  • A diverse set of profiles enhances the experience, giving a kaleidoscope of potential connections.


  • The abundance of options can sometimes feel daunting, like looking for a needle in a haystack.
  • The lack of a financial commitment may attract less serious contestants.

Top 5 Paid dating sites in Germany

If you’re willing to spare some euros, then the below 5 paid dating sites in Germany can help you find your type:

#5 NEU.de

NEU.de represents a new beginning for individuals looking to reinvent their romantic stories. It’s like a blank paper waiting to be painted with new beginnings. The site appeals to a wide range of people looking to get back into the dating scene.


  • The platform’s broad appeal and user-friendly design make it a welcoming venue for both newbies and seasoned daters looking to embark on new journeys.
  • Rich features and tools provide a dynamic and engaging experience that aids in the finding of compatible connections.


  • Possibly daunting for individuals with more specific preferences.

#4 LemonSwan

dating apps

LemonSwan is designed for people seeking meaningful friendships in an atmosphere of respect and sincerity. It promotes itself as the protector of quality, making certain that each entry into its fold is carefully considered.


  • Attracts those who are willing to engage in the journey to a meaningful relationship.
  • The platform’s thorough vetting procedure guarantees that members share a common attitude of respect and truthfulness.


  • The stringent entrance standards, while preserving quality, may function as a barrier for individuals who are less prone to exhaustive profiling.
  • The serious undertone may not appeal to people who are still in the lighthearted exploring stage of their dating experience.

#3 C-Date

C-Date whispers the promise of excitement, with its name alluding to chance encounters and fleeting relationships. It’s a playground for the spontaneous, where the joy of the moment takes precedence over the desire for permanency.


  • Designed for thrill-seekers. 
  • It’s a platform more suitable for individuals who value the journey above the destination.


  • May leave individuals looking for deeper bonds feeling disoriented.

#2 Feeld

Feeld is a safe space for exploring unexpected human connections. It’s a place where boundaries blur and typical relationship dichotomies collapse into a range of options.


  • Feeld is a beacon of inclusivity, celebrating diversity in desires and connections while providing a safe harbor for those venturing beyond the normative shores.
  • The app’s design and culture promote openness and respect, enabling genuine discovery.


  • The very nature of its specialty may terrify the inexperienced, making it a less traveled path for the traditional dater.
  • The exploration it promotes may not appeal to people who like the familiarity of relational frameworks.

#1 FriendScout24

FriendScout24, with its genial name, welcomes a diverse group of people looking for companionship in all its forms. It’s a social bazaar, brimming with the excitement of prospective friendships, casual dates, and the occasional spark of something more permanent.


  • The platform’s unique blend promises a veritable smorgasbord of experiences, catering to a diverse range of dating preferences.
  • Its user-friendly layout serves as a welcome drink for those sailing the often scary online dating scape.


  • The same diversity that enriches FriendScout24 might blur the focus for individuals looking for a specific type of connection.
  • Its broad appeal may draw a variety of purposes, complicating the hunt for individuals who have a certain destination in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Which dating apps are most popular in Germany? 

Tinder, Lovoo, and Bumble are the most popular dating apps in Germany, with user-friendly UI and speedy match-making functions.

#2 Best dating apps for serious relationships in Germany

For serious relationships, Parship, ElitePartner, and eDarling are excellent possibilities, as they include rigorous personality assessments to ensure compatible matches.

#3 Lovoo vs. Tinder vs. Bumble: Comparison of the best dating apps in Germany

Lovoo is ideal for local connections, Tinder has a large global user base, and Bumble empowers women by allowing them to initiate the first move.

#4 How safe are dating apps in Germany?

Dating apps in Germany are typically secure, but users should exercise caution, utilize privacy settings carefully, and meet in public locations.

#5 Tips for successful dating on dating apps in Germany

Create an honest profile, be open about your ambitions, maintain a courteous tone during talks, and be patient in finding the right match.

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