10 German Cities That Love International Students

10 best German Cities that love international students

Ahhh, Germany! If you’d thought it’s only you who love Germany, you’re wrong, mate! ‘Coz Germany lo-awwwwwes you too! Yes, you heard that right. Now, let’s dive into the best German cities that love and adore international students.

Oh, wait! Ever wondered why you love Germany like you love Bruno (probably your pet)?

Here’s why:

  • One big reason is the high-quality education system in Germany. This versatile country is known for its world-class universities and research opportunities. So, no matter your choice of bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD, you’re sure to find a program with loads of options.
  • Germany offers affordable or even free tuition for international students at many public universities. This remarkable aspect helps you save on education costs and graduate with less debt.
  • Germany’s invaluable culture attracts students who love to meet people from all over the world. This diverse trait makes Germany the perfect place to expand your horizons and develop a global perspective.
  • The country boasts a strong economy and a flourishing job market. So, soon after graduation, you find it easy to secure internships and jobs, especially in fields like engineering and technology.
  • Germany is known for being a safe and secure country. This means you get guaranteed peace of mind. And, the quality of life? It’s impeccable, with excellent healthcare, public transportation, and a robust social safety net.
  • And as mentioned before, Germany has a rich cultural heritage. This means immersing yourself in rich art, music, food, and a vibrant social scene. Plus, its locale in the heart of Europe makes traveling to neighbouring countries a breeze.
  • And here comes the best part: Germany’s renowned beer culture and social scene. The relaxed atmosphere of beer gardens and the opportunity to taste different kinds of beer is beyond bliss. And if you’re an extrovert, this is THE PLACE to unwind and socialize with locals and fellow international students.

Best German Cities That Love International Students


Why international students love studying in Munich

It is a well-established fact that Munich is one of the best cities in the world to study abroad, and there are numerous compelling reasons to support this claim. First of all, it has world-renowned universities like Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) and Technical University of Munich (TUM), consistently ranked among the best in the world. These universities offer various top-notch English-taught programs. 

Munich’s flourishing job market offers students excellent career prospects, especially in fields like technology, engineering, and business. Many MNCs have a strong presence here, increasing opportunities for internships and part-time work.

Furthermore, Munich is known for its high life standards. This German city is embraced for its cleanliness, efficient public transportation system, and safety. Munich’s Bavarian hospitality, central European location, and access to stunning natural landscapes make it a nurturing environment for personal and academic growth. It’s one of the German cities that fosters academic excellence while being a fulfilling and enriching adventure for international students.


Berlin, the capital of Germany, is also a city that never sleeps. This capital city is a hub for international students and academicians. It is the home to Humboldt University and the Technical University, offering various rich programs that fit the needs of the changing global market. 

Further, Berlin’s public universities don’t charge local and international students fees. Instead, they recharge the students with their rich culture. Berlin, like Munich, is said to be an affordable city for international students. The city’s booming tech scene and entrepreneurial spirit open doors to internships and job opportunities. Finally, Berlin’s central European location makes it the ideal spot for exploring the continent.


Why international students love studying in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a burgeoning global financial hub. This financial city is home to numerous multinational corporations and banks. This means ample internships and job opportunities for students pursuing careers in finance, business, or related fields.

The vibrant city is known for its excellent educational institutions, including the renowned Goethe University Frankfurt, which offers a variety of programs in English. The town also provides scholarships and support services for international students, helping them adapt to life in Deutschland.

Like other German cities, Frankfurt is also about a diverse and vibrant cultural scene, making it an exciting place to live. You’ll find a variety of museums, theaters, music venues, and international cuisine options. The city’s central location in Europe makes it an excellent base for exploring other European destinations during your studies.

Furthermore, Frankfurt’s efficient public transportation system and well-connected airport make navigating the city and traveling around Europe easy. Safety, cleanliness, and a high quality of life further contribute to Frankfurt’s appeal to international students.

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Sounds delicious, right? Well, Hamburg is one of the great German cities for international students and an incredible spot for diverse and mouthwatering cuisine. Hamburg is also home to the beloved “Fischbrötchen,” a local specialty. This green city’s rich culture is welcoming and diverse. As an international student, you’ll find a warm and open-minded community eager to connect with people from around the globe. This inclusivity creates an enriching environment for learning and personal growth.

Many universities, including the renowned University of Hamburg, are adored for their quality. So, whether you’re considering engineering, arts, or business, Hamburg has many reputable universities that provide top-notch education and ample opportunities for research and internships.

Moreover, Hamburg is a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s home to a thriving startup scene, making it an ideal place to kickstart your career. The city’s robust job market offers students excellent prospects for part-time work or internships to gain practical experience while studying. And when it’s time to unwind, Hamburg is full of green spaces, offering serene vibes. 


With a rich history, high quality of life, and affordability, Aachen is Germany’s second-best student city. Aachen is home to RWTH Aachen University and four other schools that offer 78 English-language programs in total. 

Compared to larger student cities in Germany, this city ranks second in quality of life. With a UNESCO-listed cathedral and a strategic location near Belgium and the Netherlands, Aachen has an adventurous edge and historical significance. Aachen certainly deserves its spot on this list of best cities in Germany for international students because of its affordable yet exciting student life. The city’s strong economy makes it easier for fresh graduates to obtain jobs in their desired fields. In addition to its spectacular medieval architecture, Aachen is famous for its Christmas market, so you’ve got plenty to shop for during the winter.


Bonn! Doesn’t it sound musical? If it does to you, too, there’s nothing to wonder as this is the birthplace of the genius musical composer Beethoven. Bonn is a perfect blend of modernity and culture, filled with several museums, art galleries, and theatres.

Bonn is home to the University of Bonn, one of Germany’s largest, oldest, and most prestigious universities, offering humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences courses. As Bonn has several startups and businesses always looking for talented graduates, starting a career here is easy.

Bonn’s low cost of living is complimented by the city’s efficient and affordable public transport systems. And several restaurants and cafes in the city offer student discounts. Bonn can’t be any cooler! 


Dresden is one of the German cities loved by international students

Dresden is known for its top-notch universities like TU Dresden and HTW Dresden, offering various programs and giving you plenty of options for your academic and career. Dresden’s research scene is buzzing, so if you’re into cutting-edge research, be pleased to make this city your home.

What’s also great is that living costs in Dresden are pretty reasonable compared to other European cities. Tuition fees won’t break the bank. You’ll get to enjoy a high quality of life and a welcoming international community. And with its central location in Europe, you can easily explore nearby countries. 

Further, Dresden is a welcoming and cosmopolitan city with a growing international student community. This diversity cultivates a global perspective, providing immense networking and cultural exchange opportunities.


Stuttgart is the home of the well-known University of Stuttgart, offering incredible technical programs. Stuttgart has a diverse student body consisting of people from around the globe, making the experience of discovering new cultures that much easier. 

Known for its lush green landscapes, Stuttgart is nicknamed “The Green U.” Its parks and unique green roofs promote sustainability as well as reduce urban heat.

As the “cradle of the automobile,” Stuttgart is home to Mercedes-Benz and Porsche headquarters and a fascinating Mercedes-Benz Museum that attracts more than 400,000 visitors annually. Stuttgart doesn’t just do engines and gears; it knows how to party with its Cannstatter Volksfest, Germany’s second-largest beer festival after Munich’s. Living in a city this exciting, has a high price tag.


Leipzig, oh, Leipzig! This city’s got that perfect blend of history and modernity. You can walk through cobblestone streets lined with centuries-old buildings. Then, hop on a tram to a contemporary cafe. It’s like a time warp that takes you in minutes from the past to the present.

One of the most eccentric things that makes Leipzig a favorite spot for international students is its vibrant arts scene. The city is a creative hub with countless theaters, galleries, and music venues. The famous Gewandhaus Orchestra and the Leipzig Opera are world-renowned.

Speaking of music, Leipzig is also known as the “City of Bach.” You can practically feel the musical history in the air. And the annual Bach Festival is a must-see event. 

Besides history and culture, Leipzig also has an exceptionally infectious youthful energy. The city is bike-friendly, eco-conscious, and packed with trendy bars and clubs. And the cost of living? It’s reasonable, which is honey to a student’s ears.

Leipzig is super welcoming to international students, where you’ll find a distinct community and many locals speaking English. 


Cologne is one of the most preferred German city by international students

As the name says, this German city smells terrific! If you’re wondering if the city was named after the perfume, I’m sorry to disappoint you: the perfume was named after the city. 

Cologne is home to prestigious universities like the University of Cologne and the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. These universities offer distinct programs in various fields, so no matter your interest, you will likely find a suitable course.

In Cologne’s vibrant atmosphere, you’ll find people from all over the world living and studying here. The city is famous for its carnival, one of Europe’s largest and most colorful. It’s a blast! You’ll also find ample museums, theaters, and art galleries throughout the city.

In terms of life quality, Cologne ranks high. It’s a safe city with a high standard of living. Plus, the cost of living is reasonable compared to other major European cities. The city’s super reliable public transportation system makes exploring Cologne and other parts of Germany and Europe easy during academic breaks.

Oh, and did I mention the stunning Cologne Cathedral? It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an iconic landmark that you’ll see right in the city’s heart. It’s a sight to cherish!


There’s no doubt that Germany is a land of culture, beer, and precise engineering. But it doesn’t stop there. Germany is also an incredible hub for expats and international students. With its world-class universities, many of which offer tuition-free or affordable education, Germany has become a go-to destination for international students. The country’s welcoming atmosphere and top-notch living standards make Germany an ideal home away from home. Finally, the German education system is not only vibrant and welcoming to international students; it’s a place that prepares them for the future.

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