Hostels in Germany: Top 10 Fun Options Worth Considering for Students and Travelers

Moving to Germany for the first time, whether for an academic need or to earn a livelihood, calls for accommodation beyond mere lodging. Essentially, we mean hostels in Germany.

Traditional hotels, while comfortable, often lack the engaging atmosphere and communal spirit that travelers and students seek. This is where the unique charm of hostels comes into play, offering not just a place to rest but a hub of cultural exchange and camaraderie. 

(And you save a lot of money, also!)

Here, we have attempted to gather resources for you and have curated a list of hostels that are not only distinguished by their amenities but also by their ability to foster an environment ripe for making lasting connections and memories.

Fret not, if you are one of those people who cannot thrive in a communal space. We have feasible options for you also. 

All About Socialising on a Budget with Hostels in Germany 

Hostels in Germany offer a unique accommodation option for budget-conscious travelers, especially backpackers and students. Unlike hotels that focus on individual rooms and privacy, hostels prioritize a social and communal atmosphere at a lower cost.

hostels in germany

Hostels vs. Hotels: Sharing is Caring

The key difference between hostels in Germany and hotels lies in the sleeping arrangements. Hostels primarily feature dormitory rooms, or “dorms,” which can accommodate anywhere from 4 to 20 people in bunk beds. 

These dorms can be mixed-gender or single-sex, with shared bathrooms being the norm. While some hostels may offer private rooms, they are typically less common and more expensive than dorm beds.

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The Allure of the Experience of Hostels in Germany

Beyond affordability, hostels’ appeal lies in their social atmosphere. Shared common areas like lounges and kitchens create opportunities for guests to meet fellow travelers, swap travel tips, and forge friendships. Hostels often organize events and activities,  from pub crawls to movie nights, specifically to foster this sense of community.

This social aspect is a major draw for solo travelers or those seeking a more immersive travel experience. Many hostels often cultivate a youthful vibe, making them ideal for students and young adults on adventures.

What Amenities Do Hostels in Germany Offer?

To keep costs down, hostels generally provide basic amenities. Shared kitchens allow guests to prepare their own meals, which can be a budget-friendly way to eat. Laundry facilities are often available, and some hostels may offer complimentary breakfast or linens. However, unlike hotels, daily housekeeping and extensive room service are uncommon.

The Perks of Choosing Hostels in Germany for Short-Term Accommodation 

While budget-friendly prices are a major draw, the benefits of staying in hostels extend far beyond saving money. Here’s how hostels can enrich your travel experience:

  • Travel on a Dime:  Hostels are undeniably wallet-friendly. Dorm rooms significantly reduce accommodation costs, freeing up more funds for adventures and experiences. This makes them ideal for students, backpackers, and budget-conscious travelers who want to explore the world without breaking the bank.
  • A Global Community Awaits: Shared spaces become opportunities to meet like-minded people from around the world. Strike up conversations with fellow travelers, swap stories, and forge friendships that can last a lifetime.
  • Insider Knowledge Unlocked: Hostel staff and fellow residents are often well-versed in the local scene. Tap into their knowledge to discover hidden gems, authentic eateries, and off-the-beaten-path experiences.  
hostels in germany

Not looking for short-term accommodation options?

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Well, Find Your Long-Term Home in Germany with Urban Ground. 

For students seeking a more stable and private living situation, Urban Ground offers a fantastic alternative to hostels. Forget the constant search for temporary accommodation and enjoy the comfort and convenience of a long-term rental solution.

Their user-friendly platform allows you to browse a variety of furnished and unfurnished apartments, all conveniently located near universities and key student areas.

Let us do the apartment hunting for you. Our platform allows you to search for apartments and shared flats and schedule virtual tours. There is no need to grapple with foreign languages or deal with complex paperwork anymore. 

Now, without further ado, let’s get on with some of the best hostels in Germany for students and solo travellers!

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10 Best Hostels in Germany Worth Checking Out 

There are several short-term rental options, such as Airbnbs and hostels in Germany, that are definitely worth considering when you are moving in as a student or planning a trip. We have collated some of our personal favourites for you. 

#1 Pfefferbett Hostel

It is a highly-rated hostel situated in the trendy Prenzlauer Berg district of central Berlin. Housed in a 19th-century brewery building, it offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern design. The hostel is known for its social atmosphere, vibrant bar, and on-site garden oasis, making it a great choice for budget-conscious travelers 

Features to look out for: 

  • Historic redbrick exterior and modern interiors with many communal spaces
  • Different kinds of dorm room options for solo-travelers, students, and couples
  • Surrounded by trendy bars, cafes, restaurants and galleries
hostels in germany

#2 East Seven Berlin

East Seven Berlin Hostel offers a charming and social atmosphere for budget-conscious travelers seeking a comfortable stay in Berlin. Located inside the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood, the hostel boasts a central location and several features that cater to a laid-back and connected travel experience.

Features to look out for:

  • Relaxed social scene through shared spaces like a beautiful garden patio and a games room
  • The nearest subway station is just 80 meters away, providing easy access to all of Berlin’s must-see sights
  • Guests have access to a guest kitchen for preparing meals, free Wi-Fi to stay connected, and laundry facilities

#3 St. Christopher’s Berlin

St Christopher’s Berlin isn’t just one hostel but boasts two locations in the heart of the city: Mitte and Alexanderplatz. Both of them offer a compelling combination of features that cater to social travelers and budget-conscious adventurers, especially students who are trying to understand and navigate the new city. 

Features to look out for:

  • Regardless of the location you choose (Mitte or Alexanderplatz), you’ll be right in the thick of the action
  • Guests can expect comfy beds, pod-style beds in some locations for extra privacy, and en-suite bathrooms in many private rooms
  • Both locations often have rooftop terraces (perfect for summer socializing) and organize events like pub crawls and walking tours

#4 Meininger Munich City Centre 

Situated near Munich’s central train station and a short walk from the city center, the Meininger Hostel is in the direct heart of the city. Like most other hostels and rentals, it provides an affordable, travel-friendly option for anyone looking for a temporary home. 

Features to look out for: 

  • Easy reach of iconic landmarks like Marienplatz (central square) and the Hofbräuhaus (famous beer hall)
  • Dorm rooms provide a comfortable stay with features like bunk beds and personal lockers
  • Regular indoor and outdoor activities for guests to socialise and connect with others

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hostels in germany

#5 Circus Hostel Berlin

Circus Hostel Berlin isn’t your average budget stay. Located on a lively square, it puts you at the heart of the action, with trendy bars, cafes, and restaurants all around. More importantly, the hostel prides itself on its connection to the local neighborhood. 

Features to look out for:

  • They partner with local businesses and organizations, offering guests exclusive discounts and experiences
  • They have their own microbrewery on-site, where you can sample delicious craft beers brewed in-house
  • Circus Hostel is known for the ‘Hoff Museum’, located in its basement, dedicated to the American actor and director, David Hasselhoff or ‘Germany’s most famous non-German’. 

#6 Generator Hostel, Berlin

Often recognised for its interiors, which serenade the fusion of history and modern art, this hostel has a rich history. It is built from the renovated 19th-century office buildings that house Generator, boasting an impressive collection of works by local and international artists. This hostel is well-known among the artists of Berlin. 

Features to look out for:

  • Murals from Thierry Noir to sculptural installations by Sebastian Preschoux, the artistic flair is evident throughout the hostel
  • Getting around the city is a breeze with nearby S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations offering easy access to the city
  • It caters to all kinds of living—pods for privacy, dorms for students and artists, or even luxurious private rooms. 

#7 Lotte – The Backpackers, Heidelberg 

Renovated and built around and into one of Heidelberg’s oldest houses, this backpackers hostel is immersed in the idyllic charm of the villages. If you are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is where you need to be. 

Features to look out for:

  • Located in Old Town and surrounded by cobbled streets, charming shops, and historic buildings. 
  • Sought out stay with only 8 guest rooms, all decorated individually, it needs to be booked months in advance
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel keeps you connected, while lockers ensure the security of your belongings

#8 The Grand Hostel, Berlin

The Grand Hostel is housed in an elegant 19th-century building and boasts a rich heritage. Soaring ceilings with original ornamental details hint at the building’s past. This hostel is particularly popular among creatives and artists and often has open performances. 

Features to look out for:

  • You have the option of picking between single and double rooms as well as private bathrooms. 
  • The Jewish Museum and Checkpoint Charlie are within walking distance, making it easy to explore iconic landmarks
  • The staff, creatives, and volunteers themselves, organise daily activities and guided tours for guests
hostels in germany

#9 Sunflower Hostel, Berlin 

Sunflower Hostel Berlin takes more of a laid-back approach to budget accommodation, offering a social atmosphere for backpackers and budget travelers. We mean think of board games in the common room rather than loud music and a focus on communication and cultural exchange. 

Features to look out for: 

  • Sunflower Hostel has an on-site bar that provides space to mingle with other guests and communal seating arrangements. 
  • Dorm rooms are the primary accommodation option, offering bunk beds and basic amenities like lockers for your belongings.
  • The hostel location is known for its alternative scene, away from the parties, and more focused on cafes, street art and local performances. 

#10 Amstel House Hostel, Berlin 

This hostel is located inside a beautiful Art Nouveau building but decorated with a boho, modern, and chic vibe. It is known for its flexible options, meant not only for students and solo travelers but also for families, couples and groups—it has truly refined the concept of hostels through its wide portfolio. 

Features to look out for:

  • Choose from affordable dorm rooms or opt for the comfort and privacy of a single, twin, or family room. 
  •  Free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel keeps you connected, while on-site laundry facilities ensure you can freshen up during your stay. 
  • They foster a very welcoming environment with a 24/7 reception and bar. They also offer bike rentals, shared kitchen competitions, movie nights, and drinking events. 

When Are Hostels in Germany Not the Right Match For You?

Hostels in Germany offer a fantastic option for budget-conscious travelers seeking a social and cultural experience. However, they might not be ideal for everyone, especially for those planning longer stays or prioritizing peace and quiet. 

While some hostels offer long-term stays, their social and shared nature can become overwhelming over extended periods. Especially when you are living out of a suitcase and constantly interacting with new people.

If you are seeking to establish a new routine, work on personal or creative projects, or even study, the lack of privacy, quiet time, constant movement, and noise may be a major hindrance. 

That’s where services like Urban Ground can benefit you. With their seamless, Anmeldung-free, long-term rental solutions, you need not worry about the hassle of finding a space for yourself. 

hostels in germany

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Hostels in Germany: A Means of Finding a Temporary Home in a New City

As promised, we have broken down the “dos” and “know-hows” of finding the perfect accommodation for short-term travelers and students in Germany. Unlike shared apartments and private flats, hostels are a way of building a community for yourself and meeting new people. 

They are your go-to, cheap options for people looking to relocate or even take a break from their mundane realities. 

The next time you feel stagnant and doused out because of your 9-5 or the same old routine, make sure to book yourself a hostel for a night or two. Your life might change for the better!

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