Top 5 Exclusive Apple Discounts for Students in Germany You Can’t Miss!

Are you a student in Germany looking to snag some sweet Apple discounts meant particularly for students? 

You’re in luck! The brand’s commitment to education not only extends to innovative technologies in the classroom but also offers some amazing discounts to help fuel your academic journey. Why pay full price when you can enjoy the perks of being a student? 

We have done the research for you! Dive into the top 5 Apple Store discounts exclusively available for students in Germany. From the latest MacBooks that power through any coding marathon to iPads that turn textbooks into interactive experiences, we’ve got you covered. 

But how much can you really save? And what’s the catch, if any? Keep reading to discover how to make your student budget stretch further while staying on the cutting edge of technology. 

Trust us, your wallet and your studies will thank you later!

apple discounts for students

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Top 5 Apple Student Discounts to Keep an Eye On

Apple has several discounts and promotions for students that run year-round and during specific periods such as the beginning of university semesters and seasons. Make sure to keep an eye out for them.

#1 Education Pricing 

Apple’s Education Pricing offers significant discounts for students, educators, and educational staff on a range of products. This includes special pricing on MacBooks, iPads, and accessories, making it more affordable for the academic community to access the brand’s latest technology. 

Additionally, students can benefit from trade-in options for their old devices, adding value and sustainability to their purchases. These discounts are designed to support and enhance the educational experience, providing powerful tools for learning and creativity. 

apple discounts for students

Where is it applicable: Education Pricing is a global discount offered across all Apple Stores. 

Who can avail the discount: The discount is available to current and newly accepted college students, their parents as well as faculty and staff of all grade levels. 

Requirements: Valid student or faculty ID cards 

#2 UNiDAYS Verification 

UNiDAYS Verification for students allows them to access special education pricing on products, including Mac computers and iPads. To benefit from these discounts, students need to verify their status through UNiDAYS, a platform that confirms their eligibility as students. This process ensures that only verified students can enjoy Apple’s educational discounts, making technology more accessible for academic use.

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Savings vary depending on the item, but students can generally avail 5% to 10% discounts on most products. 

apple discounts for students

Where is it applicable: UNiDAYS Verification is a global discount. However, to avail the discount, you need to verify your student status through the UNiDAYS portal. 

Who can avail the discount: The discount is available to current and newly accepted college students. 

Requirements: Valid student ID cards that are registered and verified through UNiDAYS. 

#3 Apple Refurbished Store

Apple’s Refurbished Store in Germany offers certified refurbished products that undergo rigorous refurbishment processes and full functional testing. These products, including Macs, iPads, iPhones, and more, come with discounts of up to 15%. 

They are thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and equipped with original replacement parts, new batteries, and new outer cases where necessary. Each product comes with all accessories, cables, the operating system, and is packed in a new white box. 

Additionally, these products include a one-year limited warranty, with the option to purchase AppleCare for extended coverage. It is to be noted that this discount is open to all consumers and not just students. 

apple discounts for students

Where is it applicable: Discounts are applicable across all Apple Refurbished stores. 

Who can avail the discount: Open to anyone. 

Requirements: None. 

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#4 Back to School Promotions 

Apple’s Back to School deals in Germany are a fantastic opportunity for students and educators to save on Apple products. These annual promotions typically offer discounts on devices like Macs and iPads, and sometimes include freebies like AirPods. 

It’s important for consumers to keep an eye on Apple’s website for the official dates and specific offers for the Back to School season in 2024. These deals are an excellent way to get the latest technology for education at a more affordable price. 

Where is it applicable: All of Apple’s European deals and transactions are managed by UNiDAYS Verification. Keep an eye out for the official 2024 deal dates on the official website and UNiDAYS. 

Who can avail the discount: Back to School deals are open to currently enrolled and newly admitted college students, parents purchasing on their behalf and faculty members. 

Requirements: UNiDAYS verification of student status. 

#5 Apple Software Discounts 

Although it is not a product discount, Apple also offers significant software deals for students, especially beneficial for those in creative fields. If you already own an Apple device, you can buy these software bundles for a cheaper price. 

Students can access discounted subscriptions to professional software like Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, and Pro Tools, often available in cost-effective bundles. These tools are essential for video editing, music production, and other creative projects, making them valuable assets for student portfolios. 

apple discounts for students

Where is it applicable: Software discounts are applicable year-round, globally. 

Who can avail the discount: Software Discounts are part of Education Pricing.  They are open to currently enrolled and newly admitted college students, parents purchasing on their behalf and faculty members. 

Requirements: Valid student ID cards. 

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Apple Discounts For Students: A Game Changer For Education in Germany 

Apple’s student discounts in Germany are a game-changer for those in academia. From refurbished deals to software savings, Apple ensures that students have access to top-notch technology without breaking the bank. 

These discounts not only make Apple’s premium products more accessible but also support students in their educational and creative pursuits. Remember to stay updated with Apple’s Back to School deals and verify your status through UNiDAYS. 

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