What’s the Emergency Number in Germany?

emergency numbers in Germany

Imagine this: you’re enjoying yourself in Germany, touring castles, snacking on pretzels, and maybe even picking up a few German words. But, things could change suddenly because life is unpredictable. What should you do if you come across a fire disaster, see someone who needs medical attention right away, or just want to report something suspicious? This is when having your German emergency numbers on hand is really essential. In order to make sure you’re ready for those “just in case” situations, let’s look into the German emergency numbers you should be aware of.

Fire and Medical Emergencies

fire emergency number

What if you come across a fire or someone needs immediate medical attention? Immediately Call 112. 

Like 911 in the United States, 112 is the primary emergency number for fire and medical situations in Germany. 112 can be dialed immediately as you see building fires or if someone is seriously ill or injured. The experts on the other end of the line will make sure that you or the person in need gets the right help as quickly as possible.

Remember, this number works not just in Germany but also throughout the European Union. Please ensure that the scenario justifies its use as it is only appropriate for genuine emergencies.

Police Emergencies

police emergency number in Germany

Dial 110 immediately if you find yourself in any of the situations while in Germany: being mugged, seeing a break-in, or witnessing a major car accident. This is an official police call. Think of it as your go-to number if you need the police to show up right away. The individual answering the phone specializes in handling emergencies, so they’ll be on the ball and get you the help you need straight away.

Just a heads-up: call 110 only if there is an actual emergency. If it is not an emergency, you can call other helplines instead.

Medical Emergency Numbers in Germany

medical emergency number in Germany

In the event that a fire or health issue puts you in a difficult situation while in Germany, dial 112 right away. This is your lifeline to emergency medical care and the fire department.

Call 116 or 117 if you need medical attention, but don’t have a critical emergency. These are the after-hours medical professionals who will guide you on what to do next.

Call 116 117:

  • If your body temperature is above 39.5 degrees Celsius
  • If you need stitches for deep cuts 
  • In case of a fracture or broken bone
  • If the pain is unbearable

Other Emergency numbers in Germany

Germany has additional emergency and help numbers for specific scenarios in addition to the nationwide 112 emergency numbers for fire and medical crises. These numbers are:

Crisis Support

Call 0800 111 0 222 or 0800 111 0 111 to speak with Telefonseelsorge, a 24/7 crisis and counseling hotline that is free and anonymous. These experts offer emotional support when things get tough.

Poison Control

Each region has a different number. It is 030 19240 in Berlin. If you become poisoned, these centers can offer prompt, expert advice.

Don’t forget that these numbers are intended to help you in particular circumstances. To ensure that you receive help right away, make sure you dial the right number.

Helpline in Germany

Helpline in Germany

In Germany, several significant helplines are set up to provide support in various non-emergency but critical situations. Here are a few key ones:

Victim Support

Crime victims can contact 116 006 for assistance. The number offers guidance, assistance, and details on victim rights.

Women’s Helpline:

08000 116 016 is the number for women experiencing violence. Fast counseling and guidance in multiple languages are offered by this round-the-clock number.

Child and Youth:

A hotline for children and teenagers in distress is 116 111. This hotline provides private, anonymous counseling.

Parent Helpline:

For guidance on family matters and childrearing, dial 0800 111 0 550.

Foster Parent:

For assistance with elder care, childcare, and other legal matters, you can dial 030 20179131.

Pregnant Women in Peril:

0800 4040020 is the hotline that pregnant women in difficult situations should call to for private guidance.


The German government’s public services hotline, D115, offers access to a variety of administrative data. While it is not meant for use in emergency situations, it can be quite helpful in resolving bureaucratic issues.

Tips for Communicating in an Emergency

how to communicate in an emergency

Okay, let’s talk about being calm and getting your point over when things go wrong. and you’re in the midst of an emergency. Here are some tips for communicating while the pressure’s on:

Maintain Calm

This is easier said than done, but remaining calm and deep breathing can help you think more clearly and talk more effectively.

Speak clearly

Focus on the what, where, and when. “Hello, there’s a fire at 123 Main Street happening right now!” Try being clear, concise, and straight to the point.

What exactly is the Sitch?

Keep it succinct when describing what’s happening. “Someone’s having a really bad allergic reaction and can’t breathe.” There is enough description to let them know what to expect.

Pay close attention

Once you’ve spilled the beans, let the experts speak. They could have questions or directions. Listening is as crucial as speaking in these situations.

Stay Put (If You Can)

If it’s safe, stay in the place you provided so they can easily find you. If you have to relocate, let them know where you’re going.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the emergency number in Germany?

112 is the emergency number in Germany. So, if you have a fire or need an ambulance, dial 112 right away.

2. What is the 911 number in Germany?

911 does not work in Germany. 112 is more like the universal SOS in Germany and much of Europe.

3. Does 112 speak English?

Yes, they do. Don’t panic if you’re not fluent in German. The personnel at 112 always have someone who can assist you in English.

4. What is 999 in Germany?

In Germany, 999 won’t help you a lot. Stick with 112 for emergencies. 999 is the emergency number in the UK, not Germany.

5. Is 112 only for Europe?

112 is also used in several non-EU countries like Switzerland and South Africa, and may be accessed via GSM mobile networks globally.

6. How can I call the police in Germany?

Need the cops? Dial 110. That’s your direct line to the police for any serious situations that need their attention.

7. Is it free to call an ambulance in Germany?

Yes, you can dial 112 & 110 to call an ambulance in Germany. 

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