These brand new rental apartments in Berlin offer a serene setting, away from the city’s hustle and bustle, but with a modern flair.

They feature modern buildings, lush green spaces, and ample convenience to feel at home. 

Easy access to transit
School, shopping, relaxation spots in real close proximity
Serene Location
Brand new apartments
Children-friendly arena

Beauty & Convenience

The beauty of the private garden access through the logia and the convenience of the storage unit and utility room create a harmonious living space that fulfils both your aesthetic and practical desires.

Integrated Service

From renting to handing over the keys, benefit from our professional expertise.


The apartment is located on a quieter street away from heavy traffic, creating a more peaceful atmosphere for children to explore and have a blast outdoors. 

Lively Community

Feel at home in the midst of a supportive neighbourhood.

From a charming garden to modern amenities and much more, this is THE PLACE for you.

You Bag Big Benefits

Away from the bustle

This is an extraordinary apartment that embraces the best of both worlds – a serene retreat away from the city’s bustle, yet close enough to enjoy modern flair and all its conveniences.

Experience the standard

With spacious bedrooms and living areas to relax, the family can bond and create memories that last. It’s a place where children can grow and learn, and the family can enjoy all the comforts they yearn.

Enjoy the service

From the moment you step into this brand new apartment, a truly divine experience awaits you. From assisting you during viewings to providing full support throughout the moving process, we are dedicated to making your journey seamless! 

We make renting easy and seamless, that's the bottom line.

Latest Property Listed

Brand new 2 room apartment with a view of Berlin

3rd Floor


The apartment boasts an unbeatable view of Berlin, making it the perfect choice to experience the serenity of the city.

Serene 2 room apartment far from the city’s hustle

3rd Floor


Escape the city’s hustle with this serene 2 room apartment.

First-occupancy 3 room apartment ideal with a balcony & terrace

0   Floor


With its spacious balcony and terrace, this apartment is the perfect spot to relax and unwind with family and friends.

Bold and bright 4 room apartment with 2 baths for a big family

5th Floor


With its high-end finishes and modern amenities, this apartment is designed to meet all the needs of a large family.

Relish Many More Benefits With Urban Ground

100% Online Process

From viewing to renting the apartment, do it all from the comfort of your thumb.

After-rental Support

Our bond with tenants doesn't end with renting. We have your back anytime and everytime!

2000+ happy tenants

We have satisfied over 1800+ tenants, and they simply love us too like we do.

0% Brokerage Fee

Yes, you read that right! We do not charge any additional fees or hidden costs.


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